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"What I like about..."

What I like about Senior Place Finder is that I don’t have to talk to anyone--until I know I want to. I can use my Needs and Desires to find places and then connect with the director at the place directly and they answered my questions, I visited and moved in. It was easy and it was my way.

~ Fred Johnson

"Mom was all alone..."

Mom was all alone and she wasn’t doing well. She was depressed. It wasn’t helping her health. I work during the day so I couldn’t take of work but then I found Senior Place Finder and I was able to find Five places Mom would like. I showed them to her and on the weekend we visited and She met a friend at one of the places and that was it. Mom’s real happy now.

~ Joe Ma

"Senior Place Finder’s $200..."

I found Senior Place Finder’s $200 Cash offer so I filled out the form, got a serial number and then started shopping for a place. I found three places I visited and chose one. They sent me $200 after I moved in.

~ Mary Green

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